3 Ways Thermal Scanning Is Helping Businesses Reopen Safely


As casinos in Las Vegas and businesses across the globe look toward reopening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is undoubtedly going to be a push to embrace the “new normal”—including adherence to reopening guidelines.

These guidelines include reduced capacity operation, thorough sanitization, temperature checks for all guests and staff, close player tracking and people counting across the operation – be it a casino, hospitality business, or retail property. For many businesses, meeting these challenges will prove to be a significant struggle.

Business owners looking to support safe and secure reopening should look to modern solutions to unprecedented challenges. Technology may be key to keeping in compliance now, and during whatever unseen challenges may still be ahead.

When paired with existing facial matching and surveillance technology, thermal scanning might just be a business’s best option for monitoring and tracking patrons throughout your premises.

Here’s a closer look at how thermal imaging can support safe reopening for your business and keep your patrons and employees protected from COVID-19, and from future threats that may appear on the horizon.

1. Contact-Free Employee Clock-in with Thermal Scanning

Your employees are the lifeblood of your operation—they’re on the ground each and every day, providing that crucial customer service, food and beverage, operations, and other critical roles.

Unfortunately, that also means they’re on the front lines for physical contact with guests—meaning it’s critical that they are not unwittingly transporting the virus each time they clock in.

Thermal scanning cameras attached to your employee punch clock makes it easy to identify potentially infective staff members before their shift even begins. By scanning each employee using the thermal camera, businesses can allow employees to quickly clock in and clock out without requiring physical contact with the punch clock itself.

This can significantly increase your chances of spotting infected employees before they interact with guests, and reduces the risk that those sick employees will spread the virus to others on your staff through the punch clock.

And, while thermal scanning and facial matching may offer immediate benefits for businesses reopening after COVID-19, it may also provide significant long-term benefits to help maximize staff productivity.

With these technologies integrated into your punch clock for contact-free clock in, you may be able to improve your employee tracking and maximize payroll by carefully monitoring employees’ in and out across your entire property.

2. Thermal Temperature Scanning for Guests & Visitors

The last thing a business operator wants to see is their guests feeling uneasy about getting sick while on the gaming floor. But in order to provide that much-needed peace of mind, operators need to make sure individuals displaying symptoms are not allowed in guest areas.

Thermal scanning technology offers a fast, efficient, contact-free and unobtrusive method of identifying guests who may have high temperatures. Once an individual has been identified as having a higher-than-average temperature, businesses can take action according to data to ensure the best results for guest safety.

Portable thermal scanning cameras allow businesses to place their temperature scanning station right where it makes the most sense for guests—usually, right at the guest entrance. The same system can also be placed at employee entrances to quickly scan staff for high temperatures.

Aside from simply offering guests peace of mind that they are not sick and neither are others, businesses are also being increasingly called to demonstrate their compliance with new, strict reopening guidelines to prevent the spread of illness. Thermal scanning technology allows businesses to collect and provide verifiable evidence of temperature checks to prove compliance with reopening procedures.

3. People Counting & Access Controls to Adhere to Guidelines Around Maximum Capacity

One major factor of reopening plans nationwide is limited capacity throughout the gaming, hospitality, and retail industries—from the gaming floor itself, to food and beverage establishments and accommodations.

In order to better understand your capacity, as well as to track where specific individuals have visited and interacted within your business, operators need an efficient way to track guest and employee contact points throughout the property in order to contain and monitor potential sources of infection. The solution: thermal scanning combined with robust access control.

Thermal cameras, paired with facial matching and people counting technology located throughout your premises, can significantly bolster your ability to verify adherence to state- and locally-mandated guidelines around maximum capacity and crowd size in real time.

By monitoring your property using thermal scanners, you can quickly identify potentially infected individuals even from a crowd setting, all while working to prevent large groups from gathering in excess of mandated guidelines. Additionally, you can recall this data at any point if called upon to prove compliance with these guidelines, making it much more likely you can avoid fines or punitive measures in the event of a second outbreak.

Put Thermal Scanning To Use Protecting Your Guests (and Your Business)

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all of us into new territory when it comes to ensuring guest and staff safety in the face of a global crisis. As a result, the new guidelines put in place by states and cities to prevent the further spread of the virus are purposefully stringent… and some businesses have struggled to adjust their processes, all while working very hard to preserve customer trust and provide the same high levels of customer service.

That’s where modern technology like thermal scanning, facial recognition, and people counting can play a huge role in helping boost your surveillance and access control processes.

By taking these otherwise labor-intensive processes out of human hands and placing them into the guidance of advanced AI systems, operators can attain a much higher level of insights while significantly reducing the time and energy required to meet these reopening guidelines.

We know the challenges faced by businesses during this challenging time because we’ve been there every step of the way. That’s why major casino properties like Lucky Star Casino Enterprises, North Star Mohican Casino, and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort have chosen our eConnect eClear thermal scanning solution to assist with their reopening plans, ensuring accurate and reliable temperature scanning at all points throughout their properties.

eClear is a thermal camera and temperature scanning system featuring built-in facial matching, designed to be lightweight and portable so you can position it at guest or employee entrances or permanently mount it wherever you need.

If you’re looking for an efficient, reliable partner to help support your reopening, our eConnect team is ready to help. Take a closer look at our advanced COVID-19 Solutions, and don’t hesitate to get in touch when you’re ready.